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प्रकाशक : मोरया प्रकाशन

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चित्रगोष्टी गणेश  

Hello friends,

We all love Ganapati-bappa very much and we like to read stories about him, right?

Do you know that when Ganapati was very young like you, he was called as Bal-Ganesh? He used to be very naughty and play many pranks. But mind it, he never troubled anyone. But he always punished the bad people.

This picture-story-book brings you some such stories of Bal-Ganesh. You all will surely enjoy reading this book. Come on, start reading.


लेखक : सौ. सुरेखा महाजन  



Book details:

In Stock : Available
Pages : 20
Binding : Paper
Weight : 20 grams

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