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  • समर्थ

    सतराव्या शतकातील काव्याचा सोप्या भाषेत अर्थ व पुराव्यांनिशी (चाफळची सनद व इतर ऐतिहासिक कागदपत्रे) समर्थांचे चरित्र 'समर्थ' पणे मांडणारा ग्रंथ!कौस्तुभ कस्तुरे लिखित 'समर्थ' समकालीन कागदपत्रांतून घडणारे रामदासदर्शन
    मूळ मूल्य:रु.170 सवलत मूल्य:120+30(कुरियर)

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  • पाकिस्तान विनाशाकडून....विनाशाकडे

    पाकिस्तान,एक धार्मिक कट्टरतावादावर जन्म घेतलेले आणि धार्मिक राजकारणावरच पोसलेले राष्ट्र,राष्ट्राच्या जन्मापासूनच विनाशी प्रवृत्ती असलेले राज्यकर्ते.कसं झालं हे सगळं? पाकने कसा स्वतःच स्वतःचा विनाश केला?भारतावरील परिणाम? जाणुन घ्या,वाचा! मूळ मूल्य:160 सवलत मूल्य:100+30 कुरियर

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  • पुन्हा मोदीच का?

    विकास? परिवर्तन? लाट?भक्कम विरोधाचा अभाव ? की याहून वेगळे काही?? पुन्हा मोदीच का? हे जाणून घेण्यासाठी वाचा!!लेखक : भाऊ तोरसेकर पृष्ठ संख्या :190 मूल्य :₹180/-

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Our Founder

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On 23rd August, 1987 Shri Dilip Mahajan established 'Moraya Publication'. In order to reach our glorious Indian culture, biographies of great national heroes, ethical stories, culture and welfare-promoting, society-inspiring literature to the young generation Shri Mahajan accepted to hold this

obligation as a publisher. Today, 'Moraya Publication' is commanding high esteem in the minds of readers through its more than 300 worth-reading standard books.

This wisdom of spreading noble and inspiring thoughts in the society at large has its roots in the overall personality and character of Shri Dilip Mahajan. Diliprao originally hails from Dharashiv Usmanabad. His father late Narhar Mahajan was a teacher. Diliprao was born at Latur On 20th June, 1951. The Life of late Narharirao was like a pillar of light showing path to others.

It was Samarth Ramdas Swami's advice to first lead happy family life, then strive to accomplish higher spiritual goals and cause of welfare, which was meticulously followed b y Narhar rao. He was called 'Dada' by all. While carrying out family responsibilities well, Dada was fortunate enough to receive blessing of 'Sadguru' .Dada was initiated and blessed by Girad Mathapati Samarth Goseva Parayana reversed Anantdas Maharaj Ramdasi. This in the natural course, created amongst Diliprao and his brothers ardent devotion for Lord Rama and Ramdasi cult and its noble ideals. Diliprao's mother Radhabai was in the true sense ideal life partner of Narhar rao. She rendered all support to him in his management of family as well as religious activities. She stood with him firmly on the occasions of pains and pleasure.

On the strength of Narhar rao's high ideals, spirit of devotion to Lord Rama inculcated in him since childhood and good teachings of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha, Diliprao's personality and character developed perfectly. Having graduated in science and management he undertook the social and religious work of Vivekananda Kendra in 1974. During his tenure at Vivekananda Kendra he was fortunate enough to receive noble company and guidance of a great personality, late Eknathji Ranade. While working with Eknathji the qualities of management and organisation Diliprao got developed greatly. That experience was a great help to him while managing the affairs of 'Moraya Publication'. After diligently working for 6/7 years in the Vivekananda Kendra he felt that for impressing certain thoughts on public mind, ready availability of books focussing on those thoughts is all the necessary. Later, while managing the affairs of ‘Weekly Vivek', 'India Book House' and 'Weekly Satyata'. Shri Mahajan discovered the real aim of his life. The publication business actually showed him way of managing family and the noble cause of people together, as thought by Samartha Ramdas Swami.

With an aim of making available to the society really good, thought-provoking and culture-promoting literature, 'Moraya Publication' came to be established in the most educated and cultured Dombivali town with the active support of knowledgeable Dombivli residents, readers,respectable personalities,friends,Dombivali Nagari Sahakari Bank, schools and colleges from Dombivali and colleagues from publication business, the activites of 'Moraya Publication', developed like a growing tree. Along with publications Shri. Mahajan conducted new experiment and activities. He organized in different towns book fairs and literary fetes of writers, readers and thinkers.

He arranged exhibitions in schools with an intention of developing the personalities of school children with noble thoughts and cultural teachings so that they should become ideal citizens of our great nation. In this he provided motivation to the school children and raised reading movement in children. He published an inspiring set of books under the title "Tejacha Varasa"(our inspiring divine heritage) introducing young generation the work and ideals of great personalities and saints. By acute observation of prevailing social life, shri.Mahajan through his Moraya Publication carried work of highlighting public opinions and thoughts effectively. Through the books like' Kashmir: Dhumasate Barf ', 'Prakashachi Sawali', Hindu Arthshastra', 'hak Ayodhyechhi', Zelamchi Hak' , 'Ghusalan', Soviet Antaranga', and 'Mee to Hamal' Moraya publication provided studied exposition on prevailing social subjects and it proved to be a special feature of Moraya Publication. Shri.Mahajan strived hard to make these books available to the society at large, at reasonable prices as a gesture to repay society`s social obligations.

While projecting high ideals to the society Diliprao did not himself forgot to follow them meticulously. This is to say, he wrought first and then taught. Publication of books is actually a collective job. With cordial relation with and active co-operation from writers, printers, technicians, artists, binders, distributors, and above all readers, a half written manuscript gets converted into well-designed handy book. It is really a difficult art to establish transparent business and maintain personal relation with all of them. Diliprao, with his honest and straight forward nature, has successfully acquired this art of amicability and cordiality in all his dealings and relationship which make him a unique person!

For Diliorao, his wife Mrs.Surekha Mahajan is pillar of strength.She has actively supported him right from the time when he was doing Vivekanand Kendra`s work. Dilip and Surekha Mahajan together make an ideal couple supporting each other and pursuing common goal of noble social service to humanity. A graduated in science and education faculty Surekhatai worked as a teacher in the Swami Vivekananada Vidyamandir, Dombivali for 30 years. She has last year retired as a Head Mistress of that school. Like Diliprao, by her nature Surekhatai has also acquired that skill and art of collecting people and maintaining cordial relationship with them. Hence during the last 25 years their house itself has become the main office of 'Moraya Publication'. For convenient communication n 'Moraya Publication' has established its authorized office since 1990 at Pune which is supposed to be the main centre of publication business. Subject of each book under publication is a matter of live discussion in household of Shri.Mahajan. The whole family including Diliprao`s close relatives gets involved in production process of their books .Hence Moraya`s books and book publishing ceremonies assume unique perspective and importance.(page9)Many celebrities, renounced writers readily accept Moraya Publication`s invitation in its programs with little or no honorarium.

In all these proceedings Mrs.Surekha Mahajn takes part not only as Diliprao`s wife, but also as a writer, editor and compeer. Through this she has passed this spirit of social responsibility to both of her daughters.

In this silver jubilee year of 'Moraya Publication' Diliprao`s both daughters, Mrs. Yogini Athalye and Mrs. Gauri Deo are endeavoring to continue Moraya Publication`s work in future as initiated from their parents.Mrs.Gauri Deo is actively involved in Moraya Publication`s day-to-day work under the guidance of her experienced, learned father.

We have before us the aim of widening scope and sphere of 'Moraya publication' in accordance with changing times. By combining newer techniques and newer subjects we shall publish in future more and more books which will be appreciated by the readers. We will also strengthen the distribution system to facilitate easy availability of books. By using Audio CD and e-book like mediums we wish to invite young generation in the book world as readers. Moraya Publication enjoys a unique place in the hearts readers. We shall maintain this position on our part and hope the same from our esteemed readers and well-wishers.

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